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I had achieved a bachelor degree in Computer Science major before I worked as a Software Engineer in an IT company in Thailand. After that, my life changed from a student life to a full-time officer. I started learning a new life style that really related to money. When I had my own income, I not only ceased begging money from my parents, but also gave them some of my salary. Actually it wasn't a huge money because I had plenty of hobbies and often took a journey. Not longer after being a working guy, I started learning about economizing and investment that made me more strict and serious about wage management. I tried to cut off some expenses and be thriftier, but I didn't slash my budget for my parents. When people face money problems, many of them may think they can reduce their expenditure by quit giving money to parents, because both father and mother already have their income. But in my opinion, giving parents money is not only provide them more wealth, but also express gratefulness and take care of their heart. I think the value of money that son give parents is not important than the value that effects at parents’ heart. We no need to wait until we get rich in order to buy a gorgeous house or a luxury car for them, because we don't know what will happen tomorrow and absolutely don't know how long will we have a chance to live together. Just do it today, happiness transpires today. :)

I was interested more in the story of currency especially in the era that human glorify money as the fifth requisite in their life. I studied all about economic by myself from books and Internet. I think that economy is such a kind of art. Influencing people to buy, Promoting a new brand to market, or guessing what customer wants is all use ton of creativity, so I can say that a business director is like a creative.

With higher experience, I started to realize that the IT acquaintance is an imitate knowledge. When time goes by, it could be obsolete and couldn't be used anymore. Unlike the knowledge about business process, it is genuine information and everlasting. Moreover, I started to bore technical tasks—a whole day coding, repeating the same working processes. I decided to change my direction to learn about business procedures. So I asked my boss to change my position (landscape movement) from back-end to front-end. Then I changed my job preference from Software Engineer to Account Manager (Sales,) and went out to meet customers so as to offer them our company’s professional services.

One thing I have learnt from the capitalism world is money has more power than moral and ethic. People use the word “business” defends their defected mind. Among high-valued business, kindness can cause disadvantage, so professional businessmen have to be very careful and do not trust any other people even their business partners. Those tumultuously life was my worst working life. I absolutely had no happiness while doing that job. Moreover, I found that the CEO of my company had no moral. He only focused on money and did not care about how to gain, if straight way couldn't close deal, he would prefer an intrigue. I totally did not agree with his attitude so that I thought I couldn't be able to work for this company anymore. So I decided to quit that job and continuing follow my dream, which is studying at somewhere abroad.
Although the real world is exactly like that: a bigger fish eats smaller, only stronger could be survive, I do not agree with this manner even if I do understand its fact. People just think that ‘it is ok, everybody does it’ but I think it sucks! In my opinion, the business manner that doesn't exploit others can be survived. If no one can do it, I'll show alone. Although money is very necessary, it is not everything of our life. In the day that pure water is more valuable than ordinary paper that we used to call it money, when humankind realizes that money is not real, I don't want to feel poignant that I have exploited money from others, but finally it means nothing! (However, I do accept donation if you would like :)

While I was preparing to go aboard, I worked as freelance photographer and web developer. I took photograph for all purposes such as wedding, graduation, small products, and huge products. I designed webpage layout and developed web application. I could do everything that website needed. I can say that this time was my best time in my working life. I used my proficiency and creativity to create a precious result. Moreover, I was working with the things I love so that made happiness while working in every second. Every morning I woke up, I never feel boring or I don’t want to go to work. I could manage all my schedules. I could do everything I want, and didn’t have to do something I didn’t want to do (but I had to have some discipline to control myself.) Afterward, I realized that living happily is not a hard thing. As our king said, 'Sufficiency Economic' is the solution to live in peace, no avarice, no chaos. Just live and work with what you love, be a giver, and not cheat on others. There will be real peaceful life and be happy everyday.

At last, all documents about studying abroad had finished. I finished all jobs and transferred a pending job to my trustable friends. No task got a problem caused by my leaving. After I had no worry about old jobs, I packed a couple of baggage and started my long journey to the other side of the world, the USA. My main purpose of this trip is to live my life by myself without help from anyone. I need to learn how people in the great power nation think and live their life. Another purpose is to improve my bad English skills better. About the Master degree, if I have enough money and can pursuit it, I’ll bring it back as a gift to my parents; otherwise, I think going back to stay with them will make them more happy than I spend a long time far away from them in order to grab just one paper.

That's why I'm here, the United of America.

Formal Name :   Nuntawat Luangaroon
Informal Name :   Third, pixel
Birthday :   Tuesday March 11, 1980
Email :
  pixel (at) pixellive (dot) com
hipixel (at) hotmail (dot) com
Past Occupied :   - Software Engineer, Infoquest Co., Ltd.
- Web Programmer/System Administrator, Biz Dimension Co., Ltd.
- Senior Software Engineer, Motif Technology Co., Ltd.
- Account Manager, Motif Technology Co., Ltd.
Current Occupied :   - Student, Graphic Design, Brookhaven College, TX, USA
- Graphic/Web Designer
- Freelance Photographer
- Writer
Hobbies :   Freediving, Scubadiving, Web Design(php, mySQL, Javascript, AJAX, flash), Guitar, Music Composing, Drawing, Manga, Painting, Writing (Fiction/Diary), Books (Life, Religion, Philosophy, Business, Inspiration), Meditation, Basketball, Travel, Photography(D80, Tamron17-50, Sigma10-20, Sigma70-300, Nikon50, SB800), Conservancy (savekohsurin), Games (SimCity, Mario Kart, Need for Speed), Crazy and Ridiculous sometimes
Education :
  Bachelor : Computer Science, King Mongkut's Institute of Technology, Thailand (2002)
Master : soon (what am I writing for? -_-')
Computer Skills :   Pascal, C, PERL, VB, VC, Delphi, PHP, mySQL, ASP, JAVA, JavaScript, AJAX, HTML, WML, XML, DreamWeaver, Photoshop, Lightroom, Flash, PageMaker, 3DMax, Cakewalk, GarageBand
Motto :   ... There is always an exit in every troubles ...
... Living without a goal is nothing ...


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