pixellive issue03 : live in USA
pixellive issue03 : live in USA
I used to read one forwarded email written about two words "just do it" and "let it gone." The first word encourages us to start doing something. The other word clams our mind down when we should leave something behind in the past. I think both these words are useful so as to be used as a guideline for living our life.
As long as I'm re-designing this website, I intended to do plenty of things. I had many plans for my website and intended to launch it only when it has finished. But, others activities in my life had so high priority that I had to do them first and left this website behind with the word "let it gone" in my mind. It has been under construction for very long time.
"Just do it," this word has just popped up in my mind today and I decide to launch it instantly. It hasn't finished yet, but I think I'd do it continually. Just abolish some serious about this site, just launch somes when they've finished and just being more chill. Now it has just a menu and lists of my portfolio, but I think it's gonna better than nothing, don't you think so? :)

' Just do it '

August 29, 2009

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เติร์ด ขอเพลง กลัวผิดหวัง หน่อยจิ...อยากฟังอ่า...
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ร่องรอยความรู้สึกจากบันทึกของหัวใจ / The Rhythm of Feel

Author pixel
Press Physicscenter pc-bookclub.com
First Publish September 2005
Price 145 Baht
Number of page 212 pages
ISBN 974-434-667-1
Detail The diary online of ordinary guy which has been read by a thousand of people. It's not a diary about daily routine during a day, but it's a diary about feeling, emotion, love perspective, work attitude that he expresses in the different thoughts. Just read it, and then find some great oppinion from an ordinary guy named 'pixel.'
Download Demo PDF in zip (Thai language) (100kB)